Andrew Roy

B.Science (Psych, Phil), B.App. Science (Kines), M.Physio, MAPA

Andrew graduated with a Masters in Physiotherapy from the University of Sydney in 2012, with previous degrees in Psychology (UNSW) and Kinesiology (SFU, Canada).
Andrew has varied experience in the world of Physiotherapy and injury management, he has worked in Private Practice’s in both Australia and Canada as well as Nursing Homes, Occupational Health and in various sporting teams.
Having completed numerous courses such as Dry Needling, Shoulder and Hip pain, Facial Mobility, Andrew utilizes a wide variety of techniques to suit each patient’s needs. Andrew approaches patients in a holistic manner, looking at the whole biomechanical chain to determine the causal factors of an injury not just treating the area of “pain”.
Key areas of interest include shoulder, knee and acute or chronic spinal pain.

Tuesday 8.30am-12pm
Saturday 8.30am-12pm
Thursday 2pm-6pm

Fees: $92.30 Initial, $78.20 Subsequent, $60 PCC/HCC
Rebate: $52.95

Please call (02) 8070 6888 to make an appointment